Our Website Uses Cookies!

We do not track you or gather any information!

We only use two basic cookies that do not store any information regarding you whatsoever!

We simply use them to authenticate downloads to our free electronic dance music or to enable session logins to the members area, that's it!

We have deliberately removed Google Analytics so you are not tracked by them and we do not store any personal information about you in cookies and never will!

To use our website you need to ensure you are happy to have these cookies on your computer, if you are not, you will not be able to download the free music or login to the members area.

Acceptance By Default

Using our website implies your consent!

If you use our website then we take this as consent that you are happy for us to place the cookies we use on your computer!

The reason we do this is simple. If you don't accept them, you can't get access to the free music downloads or members area and as our website is all about giving you free dance music, it's pointless not allowing them!

The EU directive suggests we should give you the opportunity to decline them, but as just mentioned that would be pointless and how do you think we would have to record that you accepted them, yup you guessed it, another cookie!

We feel it is ludicrous that a rule to stop unwanted cookies would require an additional cookie we don't want to put on your computer in the first place just to store your acceptance.

Also, if you cleared your browser cache, including cookies (which we recommend you have set as default on your browser!), you'd loose this cookie and you would constantly be harrased by an information bar expecting you to keep accepting them, which would be very annoying and detract from a pleasurable user experience when visiting our website.

We hope you appreciate that we have done all we can to explain to you what cookies we use and the requirement to accept them, but of course if you have any concerns or questions regarding our cookies, please do not hesitate to contact us via dmo@dance-music.org.

Who Wants Cookies?

Either block them or leave!

If you are not happy to accept these cookies from our website, either block them via your browser settings or don't use our website!

We assure you our cookies do not do you or your computer any harm and we are simply making you aware of them and their use to ensure we meet the EU Cookie Directive.

To learn more about this EU legislation, simply use the link above!

Facebook & Google +1 Plugins

These sites / plug-ins may use cookies!

Our website implements the Facebook 'like' plug-in and Google 'plusone' plug-in, and their code probably places cookies on your computer!

As we did not write this code, we cannot tell you what cookies their software might place on your computer, what they use them for or what information they store about you, should you click any of the Facebook 'like' or Google 'plusone' icons.

If you have a Google or Facebook account then you have probably already accepted the use of their cookies (though this is an EU directive and these sites are American!), however if you have not or are unsure about accepting them, simply don't use the 'like' buttons and don't use Facebook or Google!

Remember if you are unsure about any aspect of our website you are always welcome to email us via dmo@dance-music.org.