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DMO Terms & Conditions

How may you Use Our Music

Personal Pleasure Only!

All music downloaded from our site is for personal listening pleasure only. It may not be distributed, sold or used commercially. All MP3 downloads remain the property of the artists that created them and you must adhere to copyright.

How Long Can you keep our music

While you're a subscriber!

You are only allowed to keep a copy of the music you download for the time you remain a subscriber to Dance Music Organisation. If you cancel your subscription, you must erase all copies of our music from any device you have it stored.

Can you share our music

It Depends!

As it is a requirement to be a subscriber to possess copies of any of our music, you cannot share the music with anyone who is not a subscriber. If you and your friend subscribe, but you only want to download the music the once and then share with each other, this is fine. However, you cannot share email addresses and therefore each person must be a subscriber in their own right with their own email address.