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DMO Artist Frequently Asked Questions

Is this a record deal

No, it is not!

Being a member of Dance Music Organisation is not a record deal. We simply offer you a portal where you can share your electronic dance music with the world, for free! If you are lucky enough to be offered a record deal elsewhere, we wish you every success! However, Dance Music Organisation is part of the DMO Group which includes DMO Recordings, a '4 on the floor' (dance / trance / house / techno) record label, so there is always the posibility if we like your music enough and feel it fits the DMO Recordings brand, you could join other Dance Music Organisation artists such as Shannon McDowell on the label, so we really do look forward to hearing your electronic dance music!

Who owns the music

You do!

There is no contract between yourselves and Dance Music Organisation, so you will always own all aspects of your music including the copyright. We simply offer you a place to give your electronic dance music away for free to the general public with the single condition that they download it for personal listening pleasure only. You are not tied to Dance Music Organisation and you are most welcome to sell, upload or give your music away any other way you see fit. After all it's your music and we wish you every success with it!

Who can join DMO

More or less anyone!

As long as you are an independent electronic dance music artist, you fully own the music you plan to upload and you have full permission to give it away for free, then you are exactly what we are looking for! Please remember we are an electronic dance music albums website, so as long as it is electronic and you think people will dance to it, and you have at least five tracks to give away, you are most welcome to apply! However, please do not join if you do not plan on uploading any electronic dance music, there is no benefit in joining if you have no music to give away, you don't get anything extra from our website simply by being a member. We also do not allow members to join just to have a Dance Music Organisation profile, your account will be deleted if you do not upload any electronic dance music albums. Dance Music Organisation is all about free MP3 electronic dance music album downloads and nothing more.

How much does it cost

Absolutely nothing!

We offer you this facility totally free of charge and hope to always keep it that way! The reason we do this is simple. Dance Music Organisation is basically Craig Chant (DJ CDC), so to help promote his music, we help promote your music. The more artists we have, the more music we have to give away for free and so the more visitors we receive to our website. The more visitors we get, the more potential fans you, DJ CDC and all the other artists get exposed to and can accumulate. Dance Music Organisation is passionate about electronic dance music and hopes you are too, so by promoting all the artists on DMO, we can continue to spread the love and joy E.D.M. brings to so many people, simple!

Do I get an artist profile

You most certainly do!

We believe having an artist profile is an important part of your membership as it helps to promote you as an artist and gives you valuable exposure to potential new fans. Having a comprehensive artist profile ensures that every visitor to your artist's biography gets to learn intimate details about you and can connect with you on a more personal level. You have complete control over your biography including the ability to upload multiple images which will be dispayed in a random order each time your biography page is visited. The profile is split into the following sections:-

  • Main Details - Which includes your artist name plus real name, date of birth, star sign, nationality and your artist images which also doubles up as a messaging widget.
  • Genres - A list of all the genres you have assigned to your albums that can be clicked to auto search your uploaded music by selected genre.
  • Social Networks - There a many social networks to choose from that allow you to provide your links to other websites you may frequent or promote your music such as, facebook, mixcloud, soundcloud, twitter etc.
  • Favourite Stuff - Here you can list stuff you like, such as food, drink, musicians, music and hobbies.
  • Biography - This allows you to freely promote yourself how ever you want, giving insight into who you are, what you do, how you do it and any other information about yourself you would like to share.
  • Links - This section allows you to add your own external links to your favourite websites so you can promote other places you visit or places where your music can be purchased or even internet radio stations you may DJ on.
  • General Statistics - This shows an overview of your released music including albums uploaded / downloaded or tracks played, average tracks per album, average downloads per album, and even average overall track plays per album download plus chart rankings, providing insight into your music success.
  • Top Tracks - A list of up to 50 of your most played tracks, including number of plays and a link to the album they reside.
  • Album Discography - A list of all the albums you have released, their release dates, number of downloads plus a link to the album itself.

As you can see your profile is very comprehensive, packed full of detailed information to help promote you as an artist. Some of the sections are mandatory while others are not, and if you do not wish to share certain information the profile will not display it, so your profile will never look like you haven't completed something. Please note: You are only allowed to use hyperlinks in the section provided and any URL's will automatically be removed from free-text input when displayed, so please don't bother wasting your allotted character allowance trying to use them. Any attempt to breach this will result in your account being suspended.

Can I manage my own music

Of course you can!

We believe you should have total control over your own music, from the album cover, the album title, genre listing, track names, album description, bitrate encoding, you name it, you have total control over it! Whether you wish to edit an exisiting album because you have made a slight alteration or you simply changed your mind about the album cover design, you can make any alterations you desire including deleting a track or an entire album should you wish, which we hope you won't want to do! As well as having full control over your album discography, you are also provided with an interface where you can work on your current album. This way you can come back at any time to make changes and build up your next album release at your leisure. Once you are ready to tell the world all about your new album, simply use the activation option to send a request for approval. Once your album is approved, it will be placed into the main download area as well as being instantly promoted throughout our website and an email notification sent to our subscriber list. PLEASE NOTE: If you delete a track or an album, you will lose all statistical information relating to it, so use with caution. Editing track or album details will not lose your statistics nor will re-uploading any track should you wish to increase or decrease the MP3 bitrate encoding or simply provide a re-mastered / re-worked version.

What audio files are allowed

192kbps, 256kbps or 320kbps Bitrate MP3 Only!

We only allow three audio formats (192kbps / 256kbps / 320kbps) quality bitrate MP3 files. This way you can choose the bitrate quality of the music you release, giving you maximium control over your MP3 audio format. However, you must upload every track on an album at the same MP3 bitrate to ensure a consistent audio quality listening experience. Each MP3 audio file must be at least 1MB in size and no larger the 20MB and you can only upload a maximum of 15 tracks per album and only one album at a time. There is also a lower limit of 5 tracks per album which allows you to decide if you want to put out three 5 track EP's, or one long play, 15 track album or anything in-between, the choice is yours. PLEASE NOTE: We are an electronic dance music album download site, so whatever you release must be the equivalent of an album / EP / LP and thus the 5 track limitation. You are welcome to release an album with 5 different versions of the same track, as long as they are different versions, but we do not allow single track releases on their own. Don't forget to include your ID3 tags when creating your MP3 audio files, that way your listeners can see your album and track information in their MP3 audio player! We do not want to restrict you on what your music contains, but we will not tollerate abusive or indecent material. Any such material will be deleted instantly without warning and may result in your entire account being removed completely. If your music contains profanity or explicit language, you MUST use the option provided to identify such material. If you do not appropriately identify such content, your album may be disabled until this has been rectified. Repeated failure to warn listeners of potential offence may result in your album or even account being removed altogether. Please be fair and consider others feelings and sensibilities, what you may not find offensive, others might, and it is expected you show consideration of this and appropriately identify any material that may cause offense. Simply make the best electronic dance music you can and most importantly, it must be your own work!

What images are allowed


You can upload any image you like as long as it is decent, does not blatantly offend and is your own work. Please do not upload images that you have stolen from someone elses website! Creative artwork crafted by your own labour from acquired imagery is perfectly acceptable. All images must be either (png / jpg / gif) and at least 5K in size and no more than 2MB. The largest image displayed on our website is W:275px by H:250px by , so as long as you resize your images to this optimum, you shouldn't have a problem with the file size restrictions.

How do I get in the Top 40 Charts

That's really rather easy!

If you want a shot at the No.1 spot in our exclusive DMO Top 40 Dance Music Downloads chart, simply release some free electronic dance music! Like everything in life, you have to be in it, to win it. The way our website works is simple, all new releases not only receive pride of place in the new releases section on our home page, but also gets a 'New Release' email sent to our email subscribers telling them about your new album. We also have a second section on our website where the most obscure (least played) tracks are displayed, but as new releases will have few plays to start with, they also will appear under this section, giving all new album releases another bite at the home page cherry! Also remember, our top 40 charts is driven by a 120 day time period, so only recent plays / downloads within those 120 days are counted towards the top 40 chart positions. Although a track or an album may have been at the top spot with pleny of plays / downloads, if its current plays / downloads dwindle so will its chart ranking position, giving everyone a chance at getting into the top 40. Don't worry, you will still be able to see your total downloads and top MP3's when viewing your album discography or our main site's artists profile section! We also record all initial chart positions reached including date which can be viewed via the information icon shown next to a track or album that made it into the charts.

Who knows about my music

That's entirely up to you!

Firstly you need to release some electronic dance music, then there are many areas of our website where we showcase the music our members release.

  • Top 40 Dance Music Downloads Charts - This is our exclusive top 40 downloads chart where the top 40 track and album downloads over the past 120 days battle it out for the coverted top 10 positions!
  • Hidden Gems - This displays the least played tracks on our website and albums that have been downloaded the least amount of times, helping new releases and old ones alike get the extra exposure they need.
  • DMO New Releases - All new releases are given a 'top of house' home page location, so it is easy for our visitors to get straight to our latest electronic dance music releases!
  • Top DMO Albums - This displays the top MP3 albums ever downloaded and takes centre stage on our home page. You will have to work hard and make some great music if you want to earn a place in this location!
  • Top DMO Tracks - This displays the top most played tracks ever, giving artists further accolade and exposure to their music.
  • Artists' Spotlight - Not only are the artists randomly selected that appear in this section, but also the images displayed are randomly chosen from the pool of pictures available from their artist profile, keeping the website fresh and engaging for returning visitors.
  • DMO Subscribers - Every DMO subscriber will receive a 'New Release' email each time a new album is uploaded and activated. This gives you that instant boost of exposure and ensures our subscribers are the first to hear about your new dance music releases, while helping you gain those valuable initial downloads!
  • Albums - As well as our home page, we have a dedicated section for all our available audio MP3 album downloads via a comprehensive search facility, enabling all visitors to narrow down their music preference and giving you the chance of being found by their search criteria.
  • Artists - We also have a dedicated artist biography section where our visitors can browse all artists available and discover more details about you, your album discography, your artist images and your top MP3 downloads.
  • Social Media - Whenever a new album is released on our website, we notify our fans on our social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

Don't forget to follow us on our social media platforms, so when we notify our fans of your new album, you can help increase your exposure by liking and sharing our posts. Together we can help each other gain exposure to a wider fan base as well as do what we love most, which is give away lots of free Electronic Dance Music!

Do I subscribe to access downloads

Yes, you do!

If you want to gain access to the free album downloads on our site (including your own), you must also be a DMO subscriber. We do not force artists to subscribe nor do we force subscribers to be artists, these are managed completely independently from each other. Therefore you need to subscribe as both 'Artist' & 'Subscriber' to access the benefits each provide, this way artists and subscribers can be independent and being one does not affect the other. It's also important that you join seperately as a subscriber, as doing so confirms you are happy to receive the notification and marketing emails we send, you will not receive these if you are not a subscriber to them.